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About Doug and his Classic Corvettes

Driven By Success


   Today we are re-opening as a Custom Corvette shop.  We have had many requests over the years for repairs, custom paint jobs, performance enhancements and more but never had the time.  We are here now to provide the same excellent quality work of building a CRC Corvette but on YOUR hot rod!

We have over 50 years of combined experience working on Corvettes and cars.  We work closely with Lingenfelter Performance for your engine upgrades and have installed many superchargers on our CRC Corvettes over the years.  

Doug originally started the CRCoachworks business on accident while working on his hobby back in 1993. The first CRC (pictured) was built on a ’93 Anniversary Corvette but the difference is he modified that chassis to fit the stock ’62 body.  Going to car shows up and down the West Coast just for fun and a little vacation time, he stumbled onto a business idea that was not common at all 30 years ago.


After selling the prior family business, this became Doug’s

retirement project.  In theory, he figured working out of the

garage he would build 1 or 2 a year and so in 2001 the

madness began.  After a 3+ year design process, Doug

created a product that has wowed many!

The first year that CRCoachworks debuted at SEMA in Las Vegas, built on a C5 chassis since it was a larger platform than the C4, we ended up with 43 orders!  No shop, no employees, not much thought that it would end up this big of a deal, we began hiring employees, building our shop, installing state of the art equipment and got the ball rolling.


   With over 200 CRC Retro-Vettes out in the world, we have an intense knowledge of quality work to provide the best of the best!  In business for over 20 years we are excited about this new chapter!


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